DKA Marine & technical Shaping a better Tanker Operations. Where the ship operation requires support, we are here to act. Where is a lack of Crew experience, we are here to support you.
We can support and effectively monitor the field you are assigned to us:

  1. Ship operations (fixture, Voyage Orders, C/P execution, Daily monitoring, Load/Discharge).
  2. Navigational Safety.
  3. STS & Mooring Operations
  4. Procedures on Cargo Stowage / Loading / De-ballasting / Discharging Plans.
  5. Crude Oil Washing planning.
  6. Cargo Tanks Washing / Purging / Gas Freeing / Drying for preparation:
    1. Hot work repairs on board.
    2. Entering DD for repairs.
    3. Change cargo from CPP to CPP.
    4. Change cargo from DPP to CPP.
  7. Vetting Preparation
  8. Technical monitoring and support

It is not just paperwork!
We complement with our experience the corresponding department of your Shipping Company by working side by side.
We do assist and at the same time train the crew on all the above through remote interaction at the time needed. Tabletop exercise before the operation, monitoring during the operation, and an evaluation at the end of what went well and what didn’t, it will ensure that your crew over time will be able to complete the most difficult task under our constant monitoring.